Saturday, September 14, 2019

WOTC - Refusal by TOC to take down article

Wisdom of the Crowd: 89% of the participants said agreed with the stance of The Online Citizen in refusing to take down the article from their website.

See the breakdown of the votes in


Anonymous said...

He felt why should he be treated differently from the other 2 who were the main cause of all these troubles. Tio Bo. By right he should be everybody's prime minister. Those 2 scavengers should direct their so called drama to PMs emails not make the country take sides.

Those big and successful businessmen gave donations as they felt wealth had been kind to them and in a way to give back to society. If some people go about earning money in a dubious way, there is a way that nature will get back at them. Do not sleep well at night. Tio Bo.

Anonymous said...

3 more years he will be out of the limelight when he hits 70years to become Senior Minister or Mentor Minister? Sue or no Sue will all be history?

Anonymous said...

If PMLee had rebut anything that was falsely said why the 2 scavengers not sue him? That goes without saying that the will had issues. On the opposite side PMLee did say he might sue if things needed be. PMLee has a winning case.
He has a country and people on his shoulders. When you have family driven to such a state of despair that they killed their own flesh, than all does not seemed well. We now have selfish people to take away the country's time and energy on a fu6king house. Will they be paralized? Hope so. Destiny ahead. They are cursed

Anonymous said...

Rich people live in separate and luxurious neighbourhoods, study in more prestigious schools (look at ACS) and receive medical in better equipped facilities. How did these people make policies for the general public?????????

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