Friday, September 13, 2019

Wisdom of the Crowd:

1. Will the Lee siblings testify at the defamation suit taken be PM Lee?
2, Should PMDs be banned from pavements?

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Anonymous said...

AGC added that it has written to Mrs Lee several times since October 2018, asking her to

explain the position and her role, if any, in preparing the last will.

"(Mrs Lee) was also assured that if she had good explanations for her conduct, then the matter

will end. However, despite asking for extensions of time to respond, Mrs Lee did not

answer the questions that AGC had asked," the AGC said.

As Mrs Lee did not answer, the AGC referred the case to the Law Society, and Mr Yee has

further requested that it be referred to a disciplinary tribunal. (copied and paste)

Please testify , so as the country can move forward!

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