Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Stay focused on the subject

It is important to stay focused on the subject and avoid the habit of straying away from that subject to talk on something else.

Let me quote an example.


Anonymous said...

Exactly, rather than focussing that HDB is making money, they talk about other subjects like losing money partly because they add in the land prices??? Land is a legal practice from their same pockets??? If they only realize that they do have an educated population in the new times???

Anonymous said...

Is executive condos and Past DBSS under HDB? Sold land to developers some sites reaping half to one billion. Collect all sorts of taxes from developers. Developers had to make profit so all the costs pass to the buyers. Why all these don't make news? The DC, GST and ABSD paid by the developers. Only focus on one sided. Other subjects? Pui this type of government. Votes please listen to the electorates. Let their percentages plummeted to 31 percent.

Anonymous said...

They should stay focussed on priding themselves as giving its people good quality housing. Not advisable to talk other subjects like giving a false impression that the masses are getting a good deal with their HDB flats because they are losing 1.7b by twisted accounting since election is near.

Anonymous said...

Maybe some real qualified accountants can come out and calculate how much was collected in GST that was collected in the materials that built the HDB and the levies for those hardworking foreigners who built our flats.

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