Saturday, October 26, 2019

Wisdom of the Crowd - New Issues

1. Who do you like to see in Parliament?
2. Which party do you like to see with the most seats in Parliament?
3. Will you contribute to the crowd funding for the MPs involved in AHTC case?

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Anonymous said...

That they open space for different type of people to the best thinking in parliament. Do not add insult to put anyone on the spot demanding predetermined answers under threat of public humiliation. Innovative people are the best to catalyze how things could be different and not the same expert voices?

We can see new possibilities without being stuck in limiting assumptions. Varieties channel creativity down more productive pathways.

Anonymous said...

There is a Chinese saying that you can only understand your parents when you become a parent yourself. Can the parliament ever understand the people when they are not us? Just all talk with scripted answers.

Anonymous said...

There's warning device flashing lights that warns drivers be prepared to stop when there's traffic light ahead when driving round a bend . There's no warning when drivers turn right that a pedestrian's crossing is in front with vehicles coming straight from left. Inconsistencies.

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