Saturday, October 12, 2019

Top leaders must pay attention to problems and direct the people in charge to solve them

Someone sent me a message about my post on the way that the Public Utilities Board handled the water leakage in my home. He asked - do you seriously think that your prime minister should attend to this problem? Does he not have other more important things to do?

Here is my reply.


Anonymous said...

Agree that LHL has no balls in certain areas. But on the other side todays leaders are different from our parent's time. People those days can endure hardship and because mostly one income to feed the whole family, they took their work seriously.
Todays workers are hypersensitive. If the boss is not tactful or diplomatic and if LHL kept calling up the whoever, they consider it bypassing and the staffs will start going to LHL instead. I know it because my big boss instead of coming to me to question why certain things are happening, he called the staffs responsible to his office without my knowledge to counsel them. I quit as I felt he thought I could handle the matter and I was bypass. Sandwich.

Anonymous said...

This just confirm that when one don't have an income, one cannot move! All this family wanted was lower interest rates? More mortgagee sale on the way? The PM was only told half the story?

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Anonymous said...

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