Sunday, December 08, 2019

Spend time in jail

My friend told me. A few years ago, he went to jail for a few weeks because he refused to pay a traffic fine of a few thousand dollars.

Why did he incur such a large fine? He bought an old car. The IV unit spoiled. He refused to pay $300 to install a new unit. He argued that the IV unit is the property of LTA and should be replaced at LTA's expenses. After all, it is used by LTA to collect his ERP fees!

Later, he stopped using the car. He gave the car key to a car sales person to sell the car. The sales person parked the car somewhere and incurred a large parking fee and fines. He disappeared and could not be traced.

Later, LTA compounded the car and asked the owner to pay for the parking charges and fines. He refused. He preferred to go to jail.

How does he spend his time in jail?

He read books. The jail has many books about Singapore. He read books on Lee KY, Goh KS, E Barker and others. He became quite aware about Singapore's history. He formed a good opinion about Goh KS and E Barker and a bad opinion about Lee KY.

My friend said that going to fail for traffic offenses is not a criminal offence. He does not have a criminal record.

True or not? My friend said. I don't know if he made it up.

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