Sunday, December 08, 2019

Tale from a long term prisoner

My friend told me. A few years ago, he went to jail for a few weeks because he refused to pay a traffic fine of a few thousand dollars. He said that being jailed for a traffic offense is NOT a criminal offense, so there is no criminal record.

In the jail, he met another prisoner who had been in jail off and on for several years.

The long term prisoner related his personal circumstance. He come from a large family. He has been jobless. He committed an offence and spent some time in jail.

After he was released, he went back home but still could not find a job. His siblings complained that he was not contributing to the family income. When he fell sick, his mother complained about the medical bill. When he washed his clothes, his siblings complained that he used too much water, and water is expensive. During dinner, his siblings complained that he took the ayam, as there was not enough to share.

He found that it is better to be in jail. He got free laundry and free meals with curry and ayam. When he fell sick, he got free medical expenses. He did not need to work or to worry.

How does he get back in jail? Easy! He just stole some goods from the Fairprice supermarket. Sure get caught and sent back to jail!


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