Friday, December 13, 2019

Govt faced two conflicting problems with HDB lease decay

The govt faces two conflicting problems with the HDB lease decay. if they do not understand the contradiction, they cannot find a solution.

What is this contradiction?

How can it be solved?


Anonymous said...

Only "THE PROPERTY SPECULATORS" will be against the developers extension of ABSD deadlines. These people have made exorbitant amount of money just speculating properties. They do not know anything other kind of work.

Anonymous said...

The Crest 99 years in district 3 not so long ago was bought from developer at averaging $1300psf. Today the transacted price is above $2000 psf sub sale. If the developers had longer extension, speculators would have to compete with the developers for the sale. Collection of stamp duties is twice, rather than once if genuine buyers had a choice direct from developers when the purchaser is ready.

Anonymous said...

No wonder the freehold neighbouring to The Crest put up all their sale price.

Anonymous said...

Given a choice developers would like to sell as much units as they could to create cash flow and buffer the loans paying interest. Right? Its ok for the government to hoard land but not private developers. Whatever they came out only benefits them. Everyone just gets punished left, right and centre. They can never find a balancing act.

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