Friday, December 09, 2005

New Paper: Electrician bullied me

9 December 2005

The New Paper

I refer to the letter by Ms Lynn Aw entitled, "Electrician bullied me" (TNP, 08 Dec 2005).

Ms Aw shared her unfortunate experience with an electrician engaged by her to fix her faulty toilet light. She found the contractor through an advertisement in the newspaper.

NTUC Income provides an alternative way for home-owners to engage a contractor. They can call our 24-hour Home Service hotline, 6788 8878. We serve our policyholders and members of the public.

Under our Home Service portal, we register reliable contractors who can provide a wide range of 40 different types of services. The most popular services are plumbing, electrical, refrigeration, air-conditioning and tuition.

We check that the registered contactors are licensed and have undergone the required training for the service that they have provided. They are also required to commit to deliver deliver quality and professional service at a reasonable price, and to provide a 90-day warranty on the work.

If the customer finds the service to be unsatisfactory, they can lodge a complaint to us. We will investigate the complaint and find a solution. The complaint rate is low, representing less than 1% of the cases handled through our portal. Most of these complaint are resolved at the first level.

We handle an aveage of 150 calls a day for various servics through our portal. More information can be found at our website: or by calling 6788 8878.

Tan Soon Heng
General Manager
NTUC Income

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