Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Tips for motorists

Tips for motorists

1. Motor insurance.

Shop around for your insurance. You can save up to
$200 a year, if you buy from the right place.

Call 6477 7722 for a quote. We insure about 40% of all vehicles,
due to our competitive rates and good service.

2. Accident

Use your mobilephone or camera to take photos of the
damages. It helps to identify the party at fault and prevent
the other party from inflating the damages.

Send your vehicle to an assessment center (Idac)
immediately. Let your insurer handle the repair. You
enjoy expert and hassle free service.

Call 6788 6616 for assistance (if you are insured
with NTUC Incoem).

3. No Claim Discount

If the damages are slight, make a private settlement, i.e.
pay cash for the damage. You can protect your discount
and enjoy savings over the next few years.

If you are not at fault, your insurer will help you to make
the claim against the other party and allow you to keep
the discount.

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