Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Risk is to your advantage!

Hi Mr Tan,

I am a 27-years-old trainee teacher. I am very new to investing. I attended 2 talks organised by NTUC Income early this year:

At the first dialogue, I asked you whether it would be advantageous, given the past performance, to invest purely in equity funds, as they have been outperforming the bond funds. The key message that I took home were your words of wisdom: "Risk is to your advantage!"

I decided to take a leap of faith. I invested $10,000 of my savings in May this year with NTUC Income. I chose the Flexi-Link Plan with a distribution of my single premium in 70% Global Equity and 30% Singapore Equity. The prices then were:

GE: $2.495
SE: $2.121

In July, I received your letter offering the 1% promotion if I topped up my
Flexi-Link Plan. As such, I decided to top up another $10,000. The prices then were:

GE: 2.336
SE: 1.984

Initially, I was concerned as to when I can see the returns to my investment. Now, the surrender value is $20,837.34. The prices are:

GE: $2.441
SE: $2.244

So if you take the profit of $837.34 in relation to my combined premiums of
$20,000 - I earned 4.2% in half a year! I am definitely impressed with the
performance of the equity funds.

Thank you and your colleague for your honest and convincing advice. I now am a believer and supporter of NTUC Income!


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