Tuesday, April 15, 2008

CPF Dependent Protection Scheme

Dear Mr Tan,
DPS (Dependants' Protection Scheme) is an optional term insurance which covers CPF members for a maximum sum assured of $46,000 up to age 60. Is this a good value term insurance to have ?


The premium payable depends on your age at your last birthday. Premiums can be paid from your CPF Ordinary and/or Special Account(s). The yearly premiums, based on age and regardless of gender, are as follows:

Age(Last Birthday) YearlyPremium
34 years and below $ 36
35-39 years $ 48
40-44 years $ 84
45-49 years $144
50-54 years $228
55-59 years $260

You can compare it with the benchmark premium rates shown in my website:
My quick comparision shows that the premium rate for DPS is quite attractive for the customer.

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