Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Courtesy in use of mobile phone

When I was overseas, I received several calls on my mobile phone from one unidentified caller. As it is expensive to take a roaming call, I rejected these calls. The calls also arrived when I was busy with a meeting.

On my return to Singapore, I returned a call to this number. My call went into a voice mail. There was no clue of the party that made the call to me. I left a voice message for this person to call me back. I learnt later about the identity of the party and the company that made the call to me on a business matter.

I suggest the following telephone courtesy:

1. Do not a person on his mobile phone - unless that person knows you personally and is able to recognise your telephone number.

2. Send a SMS to the recipient to identify yourself and state the purpose and time of your intended call.

3. Make sure that your name is indentified in your voice mail.

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Vincent said...

It's even worse, when u make effort to call back, and it's insurance/financial sales people. Sigh..

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