Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Find out about the charges

Hi Mr. Tan,

I have bought 2 Regular Premium ILP in year 2002 and I do not know if I should continue or teminate both insurance plans.

Total premium paid is $9K plus and the value of investment is $7k plus. Fund purchased are GreatLink Enhancer and ASEAN Growth Fund.

Total Premium paid is $7500 and value of investment is only $3k. Fund purchased is Golden International Bond.

Should I still continue with both plans or terminate them and incur loses? Can you please advise me?


You have to find out about the charges in these two policies. Generally, if the policy has been in force for more than two years, most of the upfront charges have already been spent - so you should continue the policies.

Read this FAQ:

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zhummmeng said...

To improve the return what you can do
is reconstruct your portfolio.
Your ILP 2 is overly conservative and you have missed out the good years before 2007.
Don't quit

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