Friday, October 17, 2008

Ray of light and hope

Dear Mr. Tan,

I only wish to thank you for your honorable actions to many distressed Singaporeans at this point of time.

My parents especially, have been victims of this crisis and your blog has been very helpful and informational in assisting many people to get help.

I am very glad that in midst of all the fear and animosity in these dark times, there is a ray of light and hope and a firm voice from your good self and your team.

Thank you for your kindness. Kudos to the many unsung heroes behind you as well. May you be well and happy. Take care.

GL & family


Anonymous said...

Mr Tan

Is this mean that Lehman Brother is resurrection in the financial market.? Then there is hope for the MB victims....Hope?...

Anonymous said...

Mr Tan so nice to help probably because he also kanna burnt. Hehehe. Okay. Just a joke.

nhyone said...

From the report, it looks like Lehman Brothers is now ready to wind down properly, not that it will operate again.

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