Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Individual advice

Many people have written to ask for individual advice on the following matters:

a) How should they invest their savings?
b) Should they keep or sell their investments?
c) How should they lodge their complaints?
d) Should they sell their structured product at a loss?
e) What is the current price of their structured product? What do they contain?

I am not able to give individual advice. I receive 50 to 100 e-mails each day on these personal matters. It is not possible for me to spend the time to read and reply to these e-mails. You can get general advice from the following sources.

For general advice on investments and insurance:

For assistance on how to lodge a complaint and take subsequent steps:
Refer to the topics on the right under "Credit Linked Securities"

Contact persons:

For information about the details or price of the structured product:
> Refer to the distributor who sold the product to you. They have a duty to answer your questions completely.

For information about NTUC Income:
> Call the contact center about NTUC Income 6346 2663. They have a duty to answer your questions completely.

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