Monday, January 19, 2009

Survey: Life in Singapore

How do Singaporeans feel about life in Singapore?
Here are the survey results.
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Anonymous said...

LTA, HDB and MHA are the worst.

Lucky Tan said...

Mr. Tan,

I've written in my blog about predatory lending. It is a widespred problem and rollover credit card debt has reached record levels. I've looked at this problem closely and feel that more should have been done to prevent this problem from worsening. The Malaysian govt acted on this problem 2-3 years ago by limiting credit card interest rate to 15% and that has prevented a lot of bad lending over there.

Practices of banks in Western countries on unsecured lending have been well studied there. Banks used numerous marketing tactics like special offer on interest rates to lure people to borrow money. Once trapped, the bank imposed high fees and penalties for late payment and escalate the interest rates. This has caused a huge problem in many societies and govt typically have to step in and force the banks to lower interests to lessen the burden on these citizens..just as in Malaysia. Although our govt has its own interest to protect, this is one are I feel strongly they need to do something for the citizens of Singapore.

I hope that you can create more awareness for this problem and hopefully the govt does something about it.

Thanks for reading my comment.
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siewkhim said...

If the survey i sent to the ministers to complete, the overall index will be 5.

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