Friday, March 06, 2009

Money does not attract talent - it merely attracts greed

Read this article.


siewkhim said...

I agree with the article. Same applies to the "talent" in the PAP.

But we are the real fools that put these "talents" and make them greedy. Every five years we walk to the polling station to create more greedy talents.

We are to be blamed!!!!!!!!! Not them. They are just responding to our foolishness and stupidity!!!!

David said...

The real PAP talent is that they can win every election with 50% walkovers and 98% of the seats. These things don't happen by chance, they need thinking, planning and execution and of course talent. After that they can then decide a price for their talent!

Parka said...

There's a simple solution to this greed problem. Pay them as much as they want BUT HAVE THEM SIGN A MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

zhummmeng said...

What money attracts is greed not talent. What talent you need in selling life insurance or to be a property agents or be a RM?
4 O levels is only required but they attracted many graduates , MBAs and engineers. To be housing engineer or to be a financial engineer? It is greed that drives these people to these trades.
Money attracts greed and greed breeds dishonesty. These are found in insurance agents and property agents and the infamous RMs.
It is a wonder that these people bother to think of their clients first. They flip, churn and twist the deals. They lie, miss-sell and misrepresent and all because of MONEY.

AB said...

The evils of capitalism hidden behind the argument of meritocracy.

My take is that meritocracy can probably account for an income disparity between the highest paid and lowest paid of 10:1, anything above that is the result of greed, exploitation, abuse and tyranny.

For SG, I heard the income disparity is around 1000:1.

patrick said...

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