Thursday, March 05, 2009

Performance of the Government

How do you rate the performance of the Government and ministers in running the country and managing the economic crisis? Join this survey.
Here are the preliminary survey results based on 49 and 97 replies.


David said...

Whatever their performance from internet surveys, however huge the opposition rallies, but when it comes to the vote, majority are with the PAP. This is the beauty of it all.

For the simple reason there is no credible alternative emerging so far or likely to emerge.

AB said...

I have said it many times. Many people are still trapped by the notion that there is no "credible" opposition able to give "better" ideas than pap, so they will continue to vote pap.

For 50 years these people still do not realise this trap set by pap. You vote pap and you expect to see stronger opposition appear out of the blue?

And so there will continue to be weak or no opposition. For another 50 years maybe longer, until these people realise and get out of this trap to support and strengthen the opposition.

zhummmeng said...

When you want an opposition it is NOT about a credible opposition but just an opposition. PAP started this way too. They fielded people from different stations but with one commonality, COMMITTIMENT AND BELIEF.
and not 'credible' PhDs and usless in parlaiment.

Unknown said...

I agree with zhummmeng.
What is the use of PhDs when they cannot even lead the country out of a recession and lost billions of our national reserves. A moron can do that, no need PhDs !

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