Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ask about the charges

I am the trustee for a trust fund set up to provide income for a non-profit organisation. The trustees held a meeting with the investment adviser to discuss the investment policy of the fund. The investment adviser made some recommendations on the asset allocation of the trust fund, and in particular, how to invest the cash portion that has grown to a significant proportion.

After discussion, the trustees accepted the recommendation. I finally asked the investment adviser, "how much do you earn as commission through executing the transactions that you have recommended?"

The client service manager was taken aback by this unexpected question, but she quickly recovered and replied, "It is in accordance with what has been told and approved by the trustees previously and that is ....% for shares and ....% for bonds".

Lesson: Never be shy to ask this important question. Do not assume that you know. Even if knew, it s good to get the facts reconfirmed.

Tan Kin Lian


Anonymous said...

Yes, it is right to ask. Even at the expense of appearing blunt and uneducated.
Many of us are too concerned with keeping "face" and pretend that we know. The sales people also know it, and they take advantage of it by talking as though the buyer is aware.

What you did is correct, and it very likely cleared and confirmed facts that others only guessed!

usurper said...

as quote, it is better to be "xian xiao ren, hou jun zi"

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