Thursday, December 24, 2009

Will Goldman Sachs sue Thomas Adams?

Read this story.

I am surprised that Thomas Adams and the New York Times is bold to write the article in this direct manner. They are protected by a vigorous culture of tranparency and accountability that is available under the American system.

Singapore is far behind in this aspect. It is so easy for for big businesses and powerful people to sue individuals in Singapore and intimidate them into silence. It is unfair and undesirable, but this is the Singapore system. I hope that this situation will be corrected.  


Anonymous said...

seems like Goldman might have their hands full on the matter... see link below:

Anonymous said...

it's just a conspiracy theory and Goldman Sachs bashing. GS is the smartest of them and the only one that got away. In this dog-eat-dog every person for himself world, everything is on the table and under the table. Either you profit or someone else profit. So why not you? Wished I could join them. :)

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