Thursday, December 17, 2009

Snap election in Singapore?

Here is an article by Seah Cheang Nee.


Anonymous said...

Snap election or otherwise, this Govt seems bit nervous this time round.
They anticipate they would lose more ground, but with MM Lee still around, they have already dismiss
the possibility that there would be a freak result, and with arrogance still plod along as usual, regardless of the common people's feelings and continue to shove unpopular policies down our throats.
But this time PAP has hurt a lot of people in this downturn. But nothing would change - it's easier to change a country, harder to change one's character, esp for a Govt who has been in power far too long.

C H Yak said...

I agree with the writer on his observations about political culture in China today, versus the apathetic culture here.

Quote :-
"I have rarely succeeded in eliciting a spontaneous viewpoint about politics from them that is not straight out of a newspaper’s headline.

This is quite unlike in other countries where I had been assigned to cover, including communist China, where people would often just open up to you."

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