Friday, January 29, 2010

Improved version of Pro-Investor

An improved version of Pro-Investor has been uploaded. The summary and stocks are sorted in descending sequence based on the latest year's yield. The investor can identify the categories (i.e. country, industry sector and market segment) that performed best during the past year. It is likely that these categories will continue to perform better than average during the following year. The sorted figures make it easier for the investor to pick the stocks based on this strategy.

Practice makes perfect. Try this simulation game many times and learn how the prices are affected by the trends in the country, industry sector and market segment. This is suitable for students learning fund management to practice their stock picking skills, and get a feel of the practical environment.

Although this simulation game is based on its internal model, it still give the challenge to the player to identify the strategy to pick the right stocks. The strategy will have to be changed in the real world environment, but the skill remains the same. Try this simulation now. Read the Guide. Register an account and Play.

Tan Kin Lian

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