Sunday, February 21, 2010

Intelligence Quiz Vol 3

Two nieces visited my home. They asked for my Intelligence Quiz book. The younger girl, who is now in primary 2, was able to complete the beginner quiz within 10 minutes. They competed with each other and enjoyed solving the quiz tremendously. I was surprised that they found it interesting, at their young age.

You can get your children to be interested in this quiz. It trains their mind to be analytical and also to approach the puzzle in a systematic way. The book contains 72 puzzles at three levels - beginner, intermediate and advanced. They can do the puzzle first, because they have done the earlier volumes. The book also contains instructions on how to solve this type of puzzle.

Volume 3 is available in the bookstores at $7.90. The earlier volumes 1 and 2 have been sold out. You can enjoy a 15% discount (net $6.72) if you order through the internet during this month (promotion code - BLOG). The discount is also available for the other books.

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Are these your original ideas? Any copyright violated?

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