Saturday, February 27, 2010

Moderation in my blog

Somebody asked why one of his particular comment was blocked in my blog. I block the following comments:
- mischievous
- malicious
- personal attack
- defamatory

I also block some comments by mistake. When a comment is rejected, I do not have any record of it.

If you feel that you comments are sincere and do not fall in any of the blocked categories, you can submit them again.


sgcynic said...

Thank you for the clarification. My comment was on the 4% payroll tax and certainly did not fall under any of the 4 blocked categories. I take it that it was deleted by mistake.

大可 said...

This comment might be blocked last week:

Re. Is the issue on Pinnacle Notes dead?

Dear Mr. Tan,

Pushed by a marketing officer from Phillip Capital, I bought $16,000 Pannacle Notes in 2006. The guy said to me that the notes were credit-linked to China, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia and some big banks, do you think you could fail? However, it went dead and I finally received $91.82 from my investment in last August. I believe that the guy cheated me and Phillip must bear some responsibity for the lost of my money. Do you think I still have some chance to claim a part of my money back?

Thank you and regards,

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