Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bus service in Singapore

Letter from Chan Whye Chuen
I READ in your newspaper
about Transport Minister Raymond Lim's ride on a Service 960 bus (Sept 15)...In case, Mr Lim, based on the above visit, concluded that the service has improved, kindly allow me share my experience...
Altogether, I lost 65 minutes that day at the two bus stops.
Although this may not be a daily occurrence, it has happened frequently enough.I would have continued to live with it had I not seen your report.,-another-view

Transport Minister observes bus frequency situation
According to a Channel NewsAsia report, the Ministry of Transport said
the situation in the area has improved since the changes were implemented.

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DareToAct said...

When something bad or inconvenient happened (like the flood), history was dug into and the incident was quickly pronounced as ONCE IN FIFTY YEARS (well, we know it's not true now).
A good experience, like did not have to wait very long for a bus service, was quickly pronounced as WE HAVE SEEN THE WORST and IT WILL GET BETTER.

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