Thursday, September 30, 2010

Casino: Promises not kept

A blogger had said that the promises given by the government on the two casinos were not kept. Do you agree with this view? Go to www.easyapps/sg/sgep/latest.aspx.


yujuan said...

Agree with the comments that casino gambling is very addictive, far more so than Totos,etc.
On weekdays the carpark at Maritime Square are packed with local cars, Singaporeans like retirees are flocking to Sentosa to gamble.
Not just for tourists only, and definitely not to create employment for locals, just look around the casinos.
Govt has let us down, hands down.
We feel cheated.

Unknown said...

Gambling is destroying the lives of Singaporeans. Just read the newspaper, so many fellow citizens committed suicide after losing money in the casinos. The goverment is wrong in setting up casinos.

justwondering_kim said...

Perhaps there should be a nation-wide campaign to get as many Singaporean as possible to apply for voluntary permanent casino self-exclusion.

Such a campaign will be good for the soul of the nation.

justwondering_kim said...

To walk the talk, I've just applied for Casino Self-Exclusion on National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPC) Website.

The steps are very easy and fuss-free, just a few simple clicks. It takes only a min to do so at the following :-

(You will need your SingPass Id / Password.)

I'll know that as an individual, my action has little impact and is only a tiny microscopic drop in the ocean. But I hope this can somehow encourage more and more Singaporean to do so, and hopefully, the day will come when the majority of Singaporean, recognising the potential evil of casino gambling will make a similiar stand.

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