Saturday, October 23, 2010

Crowded in Bali

I spent 3 days in Bali. It was hot, humid and uncomfortable.
I visited Ubud on a tour yesterday. The roads were congested. I spent 6 hours on the bus travelling a short distance to Ubud and back, in slow moving traffic. It was a huge traffic jam.
My first visit to Bali was 25 years ago. It was enchanting. There were virtually no cars on the road. It was easy and fun to move around.
Bali is now too crowded.


Unknown said...

Mr. Tan,
When I was there 15 years ago, it was still graet.We stayed at the Hyatt so the location is not in the city and we went to another hotel for a function whereby the hotel is built near the beach but on top of a hill. Our function was in a large cave overlooking the sea. It was really beautiful. I can not remember the name of the hotel but was told it was owned by the Suharto family.

Wa Lau Tan

Recruit Ong said...

I visited Bali in 2004. Hung around Kuta beach and took a bus to Ubud and back, trip was smooth without jam. Traffic in Denpasar or Kuta were also not bad, SG traffic worse hahaha

veronika said...

Bali is meant for caucasian market.
Singaporeans should not go.. its like you never left home! ( in terms of the weather )

I was there is 1978 and yes, it was really fun.. but then again I was 21 years old, and had no worries!!
It was the end of the hippie era, but Bali, Ubud, Legian, was fantastically suited for that generation. Kota beach was for celebrities and too expensive ( as now )

My entire expense over 7 days was just under S$300!! stayed in villagers homes and padi field huts.. no mosquitoes and absolute peace.

You can still get a realxing holiday elsewhere.. such as Udaipur or Jodphur and Jesselmia in Rajasthan, western India.
Although the ruppee has risen, its still affordable if you stay away from chain hotels. Go in winter.. less humidity and organic vapours are not too obvious.

Stay away from Phuket,Ko Samui, Bali and Hainan, Hanoi.. these are all too hot, humid and highly commercialised.

Solomon said...

Phukket and Bali are places to relax and take things easy. Do not pack too many things in one day and exhaust yourselves. My recommendation is get up at 8:30am. Take your time to eat your breakfast and then go for sight seeing. Return to your hotel before 4pm. Relax by the pool and sip a few drinks and prepare for dinner. I would not recommend driving in Bali (except Sanur) but driving in Phukket is easy.

And also avoid tourist season, things are cheaper and not so crowded.

Tan Kin Lian said...

Hi Simon
Travel include sight seeing. It used to be enjoyable to relax and have sight seeing in places like Bali. Now, the bad traffic congestion takes away the fun.

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