Saturday, October 23, 2010

Election buzz is in the air

Elder statesman Lee Kuan Yew may not, for the first time in 51 years,
take part in a general election - if one is called in the next six months as widely expected.
General Election Portal

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yujuan said...

WE oldies belong to the older gen who watched MM cried on TV in the sixties, and agreed that he has done a lot for Singapore, but we are disillusioned now with his Govt. How would we vote, depends on our emotions.
Note saying- there is an end to any grand dinner party. Recent policies have hurt us greatly, how could we reconcile blindly leaping GDP growth at the expense of the majority of ordinary Singaporeans, in favour of high income earners and foreigners, a pill extremely hard for us to swallow.
The integrity code of the old guard
has disappeared, newcomers only care about increasing zeros in their bank account. Look at what the casinos has done to our society, families breaking up, white collar employees siphoning off both public and private Companies to gamble, those working in the financial sectors heading off to gamble in the IRs after work,continuing what they gamble at work onto the casino scene.
Got fed up with bank relationship managers trying to entice me to some investment products, in exasperation I resort to asking whether they go gambling after office hours, what difference does it make gambling their clients money in some absurd products and dual currency schemes or some equity linked plans that tie you up
for six years with a miserable rate of return and gambling at the casinos.
We have have enough. No wonder pawnshops and loan sharks are flourishing now, even poly lecturers are onto the game of making quick bucks. Could not believe our beloved Singapore could sink to so low.

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