Monday, October 18, 2010

Report on Lehman Brothers

A report prepared by The Lehman-related Securities Research Group (a collaboration between The Alliance of Lehman Brothers Victims in Hong Kong and The Democratic Party of Hong Kong)


Spur said...

The saga over the continuing bankruptcy restructuring of Lehman is becoming more of a Wall Street soap opera. The restructuring firm and lawyers have collected almost US$1 billion as salary from Lehman. The restructuring firm is now asking the courts to reduce creditors' claims to between US$250B to US$350B, down from US$1.2 trillion.

This case has been likened to "Jarndyce vs Jarndyce" a court case in a Charles Dicken's novel where the plaintiff and defendant fought over a huge inheritance until ironically all the inheritance was used up in fighting the court cases, with the money going to lawyers and the courts.

Unknown said...

Mr. Tan,
I think yoo should send a copy to MAS as well as the pinacle US lawyers.

Wa Lau Tan

Tan Kin Lian said...

Hi Walau,
You can send an email to MAS and give them the link. They can download the report if they wish to.

Unknown said...

What can we do ? Who can help ? I will never forget how we are being treated. MAS has not done much other than asking you to go to Fidrec.

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