Saturday, October 23, 2010

Conversation with a Japanese insurance executive

I found a few interesting trends in japan that is likely to be followed in Singapore.


DareToAct said...

In general, this is likely.
However, there is one big difference between Japan and Singapore. Drum roll ....., no no, NOT the quality of the government. It is that Singaporeans speak English and are more open and confident to living outside Singapore. Maybe that's why our government has been busy 'hiring' foreigners in anticipation of attrition. They may or may not realize before that the 'hiring' is causing more to consider 'quitting'.

yujuan said...

My children who are still single in their thirties agree with this Japanese' views, i.e. don't marry,buy only health and hospitalization insurance, and invest their moneys elsewhere.
This trend is already here, starting with my family.

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