Monday, November 15, 2010

Noisy carnival at Bishan

Posted at request of Huang HW

I live in front of Bishan Active Park. Carnivals and other activities are very often held on week-ends on this field. Every-time this happens, the noise is unbearable. I take my family out to avoid the noise.

My limit was really reached on Sunday(15 Nov 2010). The duration and magnitude of the noise was not particularly bad but I have two children, one having an 'O' level paper on Monday (15 Nov) and another in the midst of taking the 'A' levels.

How can my children prepare for their examinations. Many of you may be suggesting complaining to the police or my MP. But the event is LivEnabled@the Park officiated by a Minister Lim!

To add insult to injury, I can hear load knocking noises as they are clearing the site as I am writing this. Its now 40 minutes past mid-night!

Can somebody help!
Huang HW

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Chee Ming said...

"Unhappiness, those who are happier, in total there's net happiness, there's no such thing called total happiness, don't believe in it. It's whether we create net happiness in all this"

-- SM Goh Chok Tong

The purpose of the event is to create happiness for the residents. Unfortunately, Mr. Huang belongs to the group that is unhappy. More people are happy because of the event as a few people are unhappy. So, net happiness is achieved.

This will be the rationale of the organizers.

Unknown said...

Sunday was 14 Nov. (Not 15 Nov as stated above). Sorry for the mistake.

TG said...


if you really wish to INSTANT change for the better, go gather your neighbours who feel similarly affected, MEET THE MINISTER AND COMPLAIN TO HIM FACE-TO-FACE, even ging him a "LECTURE" on how to give consideration to many others' needs.Sure will work!!

Only when we take ownership of a problem can we then get closer to the results we want. right??

dsowerg said...

Singapore has no noise ordinance. So HDB dwellers just have to bear with inconsiderate neighbours and community activities like this one.

I live next to this sheltered "party pit". Every two months or so, there'd be one Taoist group that rents this place for their auction and getai. Taoist ceremonies as we all know are damn noisy, and sometimes these groups would welcome their gods at midnight with gongs and drums! Not to mention late-night mahjong sessions as well as the tent construction at 1 am.

Frankly if I want to listen to these gongs and drums, I would choose to live next to a temple. Why are new temples located at industrial parks these days? Because they are a nuisance to the public! Yet we have town councils that keep approving such noisome activities to take place in a residential area!

One solution is to call the police. It is unfortunate we can only rely on the police because the police should spend their time on more critical matters like CATCHING GANG MEMBERS. But what to do, Singapore has NO NOISE ORDINANCE.

I also write to the town council (which approves such activities) as well as the MP. It does improve matters. I would suggest HW write to the organiser cc the Minister because very often, the Minister has no idea such activities inconvenience the residents nearby.

TG said...

when eve+line advises writing to the town council as well as the MP, i wonder if he/she has ever attempted bf..

my friend's and my past such experiences yield NO REPLY (in the form of emails and letters) NOR IMPROVEMNT!! BEING IGNORED completely!!

by confronting and COMPLAINing TO the person-in-charge FACE-TO-FACE they will then have to take action as they have no excuses like "your email was not received by us" or "we received no complains leh", etc.

yujuan said...

Look at the noise problem from the Govt's angle. They spent millions to build this Active Park for the young in this constituency to cater to the younger voters' needs for a sporting place to let off young energy and schooling frustrations. Meaning lots of active and noisy activities to publicize this amenity, and now nearby residents want this place to be as quiet as a mouse.
No way this GRC Govt would give way. Better to request for such irritating activities to other days or months, other than the year-end. Surely nearby residents
would not want another white elephant at their door-step, after all it is their taxes being used, or their own children could use facilities on their leisure days.
Failing that, just move house, bearing in mind Singapore is now noisier with the deliberate population growth, everywhere would be the same.

dsowerg said...

Actually, I have. I wrote to the Town Council and CC the MP. The MP's email was his office email so there's no chance he will miss it (so no excuses). I also used some super tok kong English so that he doesn't think he was only dealing with a housewife or retiree with too much time on her hands.

The Town Council officer later called me and gave me a song and dance about how such activities add to the neighbourhood atmosphere and all that crap. But in subsequent events, the groups have stopped their midnight gongs and drums and the volume of the auctions are reduced.

Still irritating though. Why must our homes be the dumping ground of such activities? The people who attend these events aren't even from the neighbourhood.


TG said...

Wow, nice to know that your emails in super tok kong English can get those ppl to respond...

but i have learnt that more time-consuming and effective for me is using polite and tok kong English to get my point to those ppl (even MP) straight in their faces.

these ppl will learn to consider others' needs or they will look bad when we meet them again to put across the same points..

TG said...


we do not need "lots of active and noisy activities to publicize this amenity".

a few banners around the are is enough to announce the news.

but those ppl want to spend more of our money to create an chance for daft sporeans to feel thankful to them for the availability of the amenity.

what you think??

Ray said...


close your window.

turn on your aircon.

after all, it is only one night. won't cost you too much.

also, can let your children study in air-con comfort. better for their study effectiveness. like MM Lee said, he can think better inside air-con environment.

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