Saturday, April 30, 2011

Benevolent leader or unwilling candidate?

I received this e-mail.
This is an interesting article. The outcome of Marine Parade will determine the fate or future of GCT. Even if PAP win but with significant reduced majority his goose will be cooked and he will know the end is near for him. What more if PAP being stumped by the opposition especially the effect of Nicole Seah factor. GCT will go down in history being thumped by a young, down-to-earth, sweet single woman against a so called elite bunch of which he is the leader of the pack.


yujuan said...

Everybody could see he has been pushed aside, as his useful expiry date is ominously near.
Could gather from his frustrated
utterances that his fate is already
sealed, maybe could be dragged a little bit longer should he able to hold on his MP GRC.
Investors of the toxic minibonds could remember vividly, when Lehman
went bankrupt and the bond saga broke out furiously at Hong Lim, SM Goh, being the Chairman of MAS,
hurriedly went overseas on some obscure official business.
Did not have the courage to face the Minibond Investors' fury.
This is the face of our former seat-warmer PM.

courage said...

He is the guy responsible in overseeing MAS and he must be held responsible in approving complex toxic structure products like Minibond be allowed to sold to RETAIL Investors. And when the loss surfaced, he just said let the buyer beware instead of taking responsibility and helping hapless investors in recovering their money. This is that group of elite that has no interest in the life of ordinary citizen except to throw smoke to confuse the innocent. When he retires, he is taking 50% of his last pay as pension in the region of S$2 million a year. No wonder S$600k is just "peanut" to people like his wife. I will not be surprise he be appointed to some GLC as broad of directors and continue to draw hefty salary! Make you vote count and break this handcraft that PAP created

lorongm said...

How prescient; GCT's goose has been really cooked. After the massive drop in the PAP's share of the votes for MP this round against a bunch of NSP nobodies (with all due respect to the NSP team), GCT has no more standing to be in the cabinet any longer!

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