Friday, April 29, 2011

Vote for change

Dear Mr. Tan
Please post my views in your blog

I live in Ang Mo Kio GRC. I am glad that the Reform  Party has field a team to contest in this GRC.It gives me the chance to cast my vote as a citizen.

Based on the credentials of the candidates from the PAP and RP, it is clear where the vote should go to. The PAP team is headed by the PM Lee Hsien Loong. The RP team comprised of people that I cannot recognize and, if I remember correctly, include candidates that were borrowed from other parties. How pathetic.

I want to use this opportunity wisely and cast my vote for the future of Singapore. 

I spoke to a few friends. I was troubled to learn that Lee Hsien Loong was responsible for the decision to bring the two casinos to Singapore, for raising GST to 7%,  for making civil servants lose their medical benefits, for the high HDB prices, for bringing in so many foreigners and allowing the investment banks to bring in the toxic products.  I also heard a few comments about his cynical laugh, arrogant attitude and looking down on people.

I have agonized over this difficult matter for the past few days, and have now decided to vote for change.

Ang Mo Kio resident


Tan Choon Hong said...

Just ask yourself one simple question. Did the rising tide lift all the vessels or only the big ships, leaving the small sampans still stuck on the sand?

Take control. Vote opposition.

silverybay said...

Dear AMK Resident,

I am not affiliated with any political party.

The RP party as you said comprised of people that you do not know. They are not prominent figures that's often seen on newspaper or TV. They are just ordinary Singaporeans like you and me.

The only difference is that they are stepping out, not for "glamour" or fame, as we all know the stigma associated with being a member of opposition party, but for the sake of themselves, their family and ALL other Singaporeans that are suffering in silence for too long.

No one man or political party can be put in charge of a nation forever. The call for leadership renewal is PAP's OWN agenda.

Singapore need leadership renewal, no doubt. But we should decide who we want to put in the Parliament to represent the common people of Singapore. We do not have to choose from the candidates proposed by the incumbent.

The the best people to represent the common people are the common people themselves! Ordinary people that understand problems of ordinary people.

Every vote counts in this watershed election. Its now or never. The stakes are high and I am very certain the rules of the game will change after this election to make it even harder for alternative parties to get into the Parliament dominated by PAP for decades.

My biggest fear is not that of a freak result. My biggest fear is that after this election, we will have NO MORE OPPOSITION to fight for us anymore and we have to live forever under the rule of PAP!

That is the biggest threat to the future of Singapore. Think carefully and vote bravely. There's not many 5 years left for many of us.

yujuan said...

This writer, like so many of us, has been played out, left, right and centre, but we realise it too late.
Have to put Humpty, Dumpty back on the wall again.
Don't you think so?

Everlearning said...

We have people in the past who courageously spoke and stood for the people and what happened? They were bankrupted and jailed.

After this election, I hope the government would not do it again, to certain candidates they deem a threat to them.

Zhong said...

I do not expect PAP will loose AMK GRC. But we must send PM Lee a clear message that the ordinary citizens are not happy about PAP policies for the past 5 years.
Vote opposition is the only effective way to send this message!

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