Friday, April 29, 2011

GCT and Tan Jee Say

A citizen sends this message to GCT about the loss of jobs to foreigners. He said that there is merit in what Tan Jee Say had said. It is worth considering. See SGEP or click here.


spavic said...

I agree with you.

I was also retrenched after following the same ang-moh boss through my first job/company to the 3rd company, from a programmer to a product manager.

After 10 years, i learnt what it means to be made use of by others and to lose your youth believing in the BIG VISION of the company.

I guess PAP is telling everyone a grand vision and promising that we are being developed into a Swiss standard country as we hold off instant gratitification and work hard for long-term rewards. not minding the occassional floods, financial crisis, food crisis, environmental crisis, social crisis, regional political crisis, constant subtle erosion of true-blue singaporean spirit/replacement by influxs, we are just supposed to work hard, pay taxes and those who survive at the end of the day can say they made it and are proud to be elite singaporeans flying around the world with houses in Europe, Middle East, Asia, USA, etc.

yujuan said...

Still sore with SM Goh, after attaining his Swiss Standard of Living many times over, he has conveniently forgotten his promise to us, that we would attain it too.
What he talks, all bo ba kay, holds no water.

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