Friday, December 09, 2011

If only Singaporeans stop to think

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yujuan said...

Yes, if Singaporeans would stop and think about where our leaders are leading us to.
All they care is how to boost GDP growth to fatten their wallets and paste gold on their faces.
Easy, by selling State Lands for property development and through boosting tourist patronage of the 2 revenue cash cows, the casinos. So the STP Board has recently been targeting the big spenders from China, the world's biggest gamblers traditionally. The Govt can't think of anything else, simply, running out of ideas.
Meanwhile, our manufacturing industries are existing on borrowed times, and their hard working engineers becoming the poorest earners in Singapore, waiting to jump ship to the Financial Industry or having intention to migrate to industrialized countries abroad.
Everything here is short term with the main motive just to make money fast, with the Govt leading the way, making the Chinese saying -
Shang Liang Bu Zheng, Xia Liang Wai
- so apt.

Ptr said...

Seriously, the government should clamp down on the tuition industry. It is ridiculous that so much money has to be spent on private tutoring even after we put so much money into public education.

Mostly, it creates an artificial booster for well-off kids and parents and skews the exams percentage, depriving poorer, but possibly smarter kids of equal opportunity.

It is not uncommon to see parents forking out $100-$150 per hour for tuition, especially for A levels and to a lesser extent O levels. tuition should be banned, it is a shadow industry and a inefficient waste.

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