Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Words from a young mother

Just to say that I'm inspired by your drive and determination! With your positiveness, I'm sure at the end of the day, you are the true winner especially when you truly express your thoughts, statements, missions from your heart.
I hope things can really improve and you could help more people no matter which position you are holding on.  I think you are more real than most of them on the top.
I came to read more about your info and also scene in the Singapore politics during the GE and the PE. I'm saddened that Singapore is transforming to a money hungry machine, no more culture, values, substances, honesty, harmony and even sometimes integrity.
I'm worried for the next generation wat kind of society they are living in, where they tear down good old memories like national stadium, library, and the cement playground with sand now being replace with the sandless ones plastic ones where you can see foam tiles poking out for months.
I read about your articles and understand every single bit; there is no public service mentality any more in ALL government sector. they face no crisis and get bonus no matter how bad. But people  who work in private have not smell even AWS bonus for many years.

How can government sector doing better than private? Yes, you mention about wasteful  environment... I definitely agree. I have pick up so many furnitures around my estate and it's enough to have a complete set in my home, and out pathetic Resident Committee is just not doing much about educating this issue.... sigh....

Overall Singapore is not same any more... other monetary gains for some of them, I see the everyone living in fear for the future because they don't know how much they need in THEIR land.


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Singapore's 5 Minute Investment Diary said...

For the Families of Some Debtors, Death Offers No Respite


Interesting article about how the USA banks are now targeting the bereaved families.

Since our banks believe in benchmarking against best practices (ordinary people call this "monkey see, monkey do"), this may be a taste of things to come in Singapore.

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