Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Commercial sex with under-aged persons

The new headlines recently are about 44 men who were charged with commercial sex with a minor. See

I found this definition in Wikipedia.

Commercial sex with under-aged persons

Any person who obtains for consideration the sexual services of a person under 18 years of age (in other words, has commercial sex with such a person) commits an offence and may be punished with imprisonment of up to seven years or a fine or both. The term sexual services is defined to mean sexual services involving sexual penetration of the vagina or anus of a person by a part of another person's body other than the penis or by anything else, or penetration of the vagina, anus or mouth of a person by a man's penis. It is also an offence for a person to communicate with another person for the purpose of having commercial sex with a person under 18. These offences apply to acts that take place in as well as outside Singapore.
It is a crime for a person to:
  • make or organize any travel arrangements for or on behalf of any other person with the intention of facilitating the commission by that other person of an offence under section 376C (that is, offences relating to commercial sex with a minor under 18 outside Singapore), whether or not such an offence is actually committed by that other person;
  • transport any other person to a place outside Singapore with the intention of facilitating the commission by that other person of an offence under section 376C, whether or not such an offence is actually committed by that other person;or
  • print, publish or distribute any information that is intended to promote conduct that would constitute an offence under section 376C, or to assist any other person to engage in such conduct.
A person who is guilty of the offence may be punished with imprisonment of up to ten years, or a fine, or both.[


yujuan said...

One evening when we were tired from hitting the shops at Orchard road, we entered the lobby of Marriot Hotel to rest our feet.
There was a well dressed young man sitting beside us, and we started talking. To our surprise he boldly said he worked as a pimp for high class prostitutes, his job is to ensure the equally well dressed girls arrive for work servicing the hotel guests.
Men generally are weak in the flesh, but for classy looking young men, who look more like office professionals, working as pimps is really quite shocking. What kind of society has Singapore degenerate to, all for the sake of making the big bucks. Guess these young pimps are now drawn to the 2 casino resort hotels, where gambling, wine, women and song go hand in hand. Singapore has upgraded itself to be the global city of sin.
The trade must be really lucrative
to attract even the well educated to get a slice of the action.
Singapore is really cool, basking in its degradation.

zhummmeng said...

Long ago pushing life insurance was meant for the school drop outs, the uneducated, the taxi or bus drivers. No decent person would think of becoming a life insurance agent.It was job for the outcast despite being a noble profession. Why insurance agents were shunned? I found out the reason was that the victims were sold expensive paper contract they hardly understood and could hardly sustain and many were prematurely terminated or lapsed.Worse , there
were 8 pimps above the agents earning their living off these poor agents peddling and prostituting their products.
Today graduates and highly educated are joining in droves. Why? because there is plenty of money to be made, easily made too. An engineer gave up his degree to become an insurance salesman becuase he could only get rich quick peddling life insurance but not as an engineer.
So it is the money, right? The managers and the managers above will do anything to see their downlines do a roaring business. They don't care how they do. Just do it.
Do you see a parallel here? So long there is money who cares. THe supervisors/managers pimp their agents to prostitute at the roadshows unashamedly chasing and harassing after strangers for business. They lie, misrepresent the products all for the sake of commission and money.
For money they will do anything. Indeed the love of money is the root of all evils. But who cares.
Thank goodness MAS is making a difference soon.

Vincent Sear said...

The surprising part of this piece of news is the profile of this ring of accuseds. Banker, teacher, principal, even senior police officer and senior civil servant.

This group is supposed stand for the integrity and respectability of our country and establishment.

How did our country end up in such a state? No pun intended.

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