Thursday, April 19, 2012

Develop an express bus service

The public transport system is getting to be very bad, with frequent train breakdown. COE prices are soaring. The roads are congested.

I have suggested for the past four years that the Land Transport Authority should introduce express bus services to connect the different towns. This can complement the train services. This network will be supported by local feeder services, operated by small buses, to take passengers from their homes to the bus interchanges (and train stations) and back home.

It is time for the Land Transport Authority to implement this alternative solution. It can be ready quite quickly.


yujuan said...

Take a leaf from Hongkong, introduce the mini buses concept, for quick and efficient transport among the various towns.
Govt should stop monopolizing the transport system, give some to independent private enterprises to make some money, just stop being so autocratic and greedy.

bus sham alam said...

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