Friday, April 20, 2012

How to be positive

If there are two points of views being promoted by X and Y, and I agree with Y, I will state why I agree with Y. I will not state why I disagree with X.

Most Singaporeans, due to our culture. will find it natural to give reasons to disagree with X and even to pass judgement on X or his views. This is why most Singaporeans are negative by nature. They do not realize that they are not qualified to judge other people.

I want to point out this difference, and encourage Singaporeans to be positive in our outlook.


Createwealth8888 said...

Have you heard of 6 Thinking Hats?

Vincent Sear said...

I adopt a balanced view. When I agree, I reason out why, so that there's no misunderstanding of personal interest or favoritism. When I disagree, I also reason out why, so that there's no such misunderstanding too.

Positive thinking is good mindset but it should be an open mindset, open to contrary opinion and discussion. What's positive to one may be negative to another, so discuss work out the best solution.

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