Thursday, October 25, 2012

Online process of Government Agencies

This document explains why it is difficult to use the online processes of government agencies and suggests a simpler method for the public to submit their forms:


Unknown said...

As for your process:
How would the system know which data entry needs to be authorised by whom? How would it prevent others from seeing what the "junior staff" submitted?

Once again, there would have to be some authorisation system in place in order for the junior staff (or anybody else) to submit the form data in a secure way. And the established standard for this is SingPass.

I also don't see how the submission is different from the current proces and your "new process".

The only item here that I may agree with is how forms can be found. In my opinion, there should be two ways:
1) Forms should be accessible under a certain navigation hierarchy
2) Forms should be found via a search engine

I know that many government websites already use both mechanism, but I will not rule out that some only use the first one

Kin Lian Tan said...

The company can register an id and provide a password for the junior staff to store the completed form. The authorized person can login with the id and password to handle the submission. This ID does not need to go through the SingPass mechanism.

Kin Lian Tan said...

The other important difference is that the form is completed independently of the backend system.
After submission by the authorized person, the form is sent by web service to the back end system to be processed at one go. There is no need to negative through different webpages to complete the form, which is one of the main problems with the current online processes.

Unknown said...

But registering a password and ID would mean that it's the junior staff's SingPass, simply because this is the standard for government related websites.
Introducing a new system for id/password would mean that certain security measures would have to be implemented, security measures that are already in place with SingPass.

I haven't gone through the existing process, so I can't give any feedback on the different webpages that need to be gone through to submit the form

Kin Lian Tan said...

To "Unknown"
If you wish to engage in a discussion, please identify yourself. If you are in a position of authority with the Government, you can contact me for a discussion on my approach. I do not like you to pass judgement without understanding the process.

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