Friday, October 26, 2012

Do not lose your moral compass

Read this testimonial from a successful doctor who died from cancer at the age of 40.

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yujuan said...

Someone said, " With the kind of lifestyle we are living in, we are giving ourselves cancer."
Then she elaborated on her statement,
with the rich food we eat, laden with antibiotics, hormones and chemicals, the stressful city living, keeping up with the Jones, the ever chasing the pot of gold, the scrimping on sleep hours, the slack with exercise and fresh outdoor air, the bottling up of emotions within oneself of spite, fears and envy, all add to the toll of premature death.
This woman is a stage 4 breast cancer survivor, upon diagnosis, stopped everything she had done before, and started to overhaul her life completely, starting on a new discovery journey of living like a peasant, with giving up her stressful highly paid job, eating coarse foods, doing taiji exercises, doing meditation, and forgiving her past colleagues who stabbed her at her back, and becoming a born again Christian. Looking at her so pink and healthy, nobody could have guessed she was once on the brink of death.
She even took advice reading also the Buddhist Scriptures on how to live life, and marveled how the wisdom of Buddha's teachings completely erased all residual mental block and stresses from her, making her so much happier than before.
Good true life story. Balance up Christianity with Buddhist teachings, as Christianity is not complete, it could breed selfishness in the wrong hands.

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