Sunday, December 16, 2012

Comparing Yaw and Palmer

In an article in The Online Citizen, Joseph Chiang said that Yaw Sin Leong did not respond to the rumors because he wanted to protect the identity of the women. I agree with this view.

In Michael Palmer's case, he said that the girl was named and shamed. This was unfair to he
r. I also agree.

It should be noted that Palmer did not name the girl. Her name was released by her employer, and as a result infringed her privacy.


zhummmeng said...

It is faster cheaper and better to expose so to appear self righteous.

yujuan said...

Partly agree with Joshua.
However, could it be possible for Yaw to make a confession like a man
without naming the other woman?
Had guts to cheat but no guts to face the music.
But PAP is even a worst ainimal, why resort to such a despicable act by shaming the woman, as if it's entirely all her fault. Ever so ready to sacrifice and destroy a woman to protect the Party's diminishing whiter than white public image.
It takes 2 hands to clap, Mickey Mouse's lovey dovey sms messages to Laura shows he's the Chee Ko Pek pursuer, not Laura, the "slutty" woman.
So your own kind is the innocent good man, WP's Yaw is the bad man, Hollywoods' Cowboys and Indians style.
Clear to all, PAP is just using PA's knife to kill off Laura to protect Mickey.
If Minister Khaw Boon Wan is a real Buddhist, note one of Buddha's teachings,
"Dun do to others what you dun want others to do upon you."
I may be a Christian, seems I know the Buddhist scriptures better than him. Buddhists call it kama.
If not wrong, it's called retribution.
As a woman, hate to see another woman put down like that.
Absolutely so low class.
Kudos to PAP MP Lee Bee Wah, the only PAP woman MP who is standing by Justice, criticizing her Party colleague on being so stupid. At least Bee Wah shows she's not really part of the group think and group speak of her Party, where a wrong is a wrong, she dun attempt to cover up and whitewash. The male leaders should learn from her how to address a party image crisis to maintain credibility. Citizens have higher IQs than what our leaders think. We wan our politicians to be human, frank, fair and compassionate, not vicious
like this.
Amazing, men could be more viciously bitchy than women, when saving face is concerned.

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