Thursday, December 20, 2012

Governance of town councils

What are your views on the issues covered in this report?

I do not like the current system of tying up the management of town councils to the MPs who have been elected for the town. I prefer that they should be kept as separate issues. The residents deserve continuity and should not be disrupted with a change of their representatives in Parliament.


Lye Khuen Way said...

The current Town Councils system is to me and many just a job creation stunt created many years ago.
Just like the Mayors, a grand total of five in tiny Singapore, we are certainly UNIQUE.

sgcynic said...

Unnecessary bureaucracy and duplication of functions (think stat boards, Town Councils and CDCs). Part of the out-sourcing and privatisation fads of the time. Layer of fat with the middlemen having to get together to achieve "economies of scale" which were already present when everything was under one roof. Greater efficiency and ability to meet needs of residents? If that were the case, the MPs would not be accused otherwise.

Soodo said...

Mr Lye has a good point.

City of New York.
a.Land Area: 784 sq km
b.Population: 8.2 million
c.Number of mayors: ONE

Republic of Singapore.
a.Land Area: 710 sq km
b.Population: 5.3 million
c.Number of mayors: FIVE

So really. How efficient are we?

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