Friday, December 21, 2012

Damage caused to former employee

 The chief executive director of the Peoples’ Association (PA) has asked the public 
to give space to the former staff of the PA who was involved in “an intimate relationship” with 
a former Member of Parliament and had since resigned. The chief asked that she be allowed 
to continue with her life. (Today paper, 17 December)

It was not necessary for the PA to disclose her name in the first place. The reason given for 
the decision to disclose her name was not acceptable, in my view. Her relationship with the 
former MP was a private and personal matter, and (to my knowledge) did not affect her 
work performance or caused any conflict of interest.

By disclosing her name, the PA had caused distress to the former staff and made her 
a subject of ridicule and shame. I believe that the PA owed an apology to her and possibly, 
some compensation for her distress and financial loss.

I have deliberated omitted to mention her name in this letter, and I ask other people in 
Singapore to respect her privacy. If there are any blogs that were put up with her photos, can 
the creator remove them?

Tan Kin Lian

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