Friday, December 14, 2012

Dispense with immigration card

10 December 2012 (not published in Today)

Editor, Voices
Today Paper

A few countries had discontinued the need by visitors to submit an immigration 
or disembarkation card to enter their country. This is unnecessary as most of 
the information on visitors could be obtained from the passport that is scanned
into their computer system. 

Malaysia introduced this new system a few months ago.

Singapore is still using the disembarkation card. I do not know what use is
being made of this card, which must be quite a hassle for visitors. It did ask
for some tourist statistics, which could probably have been better collected
through some other means.

I hope that Singapore can discontinue the need for this outmoded requirement, and
gain the moral authority to urge other countries in ASEAN to dispense with it. This 
will make it easy for Singaporeans to travel to these nearby countries and avoid
the hassle of writing the cards.

Tan Kin Lian


Lye Khuen Way said...

Yes, again we are behind Malaysia on this!

yujuan said...

When Singaporeans have to fill in immigration forms before entry into the Asean countries, this shows how integrated Asean countries are within the bloc.
Also shows the level of respect and suspicion our neighbours view Singapore.
Even across the causeway, the Malaysian immigration officer when asked whether the white card would be required in future, he would snap - " maybe."
But Vietnam is showing the way, we just need a valid passport to enter. Thumbs up for this Communist Asean member, but the buck stops here. When Singapore Tourist Promotion Board wanted to open a Cruise Terminal at Danang, Communist red tape killed off the proposal almost immediately. So, Singapore standing still dun count much. For survival, have to look beyond Asean shores for friends.

Lye Khuen Way said...

So again Malaysia has gone one up against us!

C H Yak said...

Too contented?. When our leaders need to "follow the flow" ... we don't...when we should not..., they just "follow the flow" as BG GY advocated...LOL.

I think Harvard Prof Michael Porter was very right to say the SG PAP Govt has plateau already despite SG achieving this stage of development..... And with all the happenings in 2012 ..... maybe they might drop into a "sinkhole" on this plateau someday...LOL.

Unknown said...

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