Saturday, December 29, 2012

Medical fees for seniors in Hong Kong


Kooli said...

My father was hospitalised last month at KTPH for 2 weeks. He was transfered to AMK Community Hospital for another 3 weeks. I am yet to see the actual bill.

My mother also has many specialist appointments at begining of next year. I don't know what will the actual cost.

I know only the medical cost will be higher each time we visit the hospital/clinic.

As I am an elderly too, I had my health check in Bangkok last week. Though it is cheaper, Doctor said: "YOU HAVE STRESS"!

Can I tell my parent NOT to fall sick? Even I control my healthy lifestyle, can I NOT to fall sick?
How much can we claim from medishield??

yujuan said...

Our greatest fear, falling sick, stricken with a terrible disease that would wipe out whatever savings we have, coupled with the Private Shield Insurers ever ready to bounce on loopholes to shirk off paying up, this nagging worry is more than enuff to kill us, rather than the disease itself.
Perhaps, the PAP Govt is the only one in the world who uses means testing on its people.
How "petty" and "mean" could a Govt be on its seniors, who planted the trees in their youth, so that the younger ones could enjoy the shade now.
Just cut the Defence Budget and the Ministers/top Civil Servants Pay package by half, and reallocate spending to provision of cheap medical services to seniors, is a good start.
No need to touch on our Reserves.

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