Friday, December 28, 2012

Rejection of Travel Insurance Claim

A school boy sustained a fracture on an overseas trip. He was covered under a group travel insurance policy. The insurance company rejected the claim submitted by the parent, for a reason that is not clear, and potentially wrong. The parent sought my views.


Unknown said...

This is their standard operating procedure, reject first, talk later.

So, I suggest you push on or go to consumer protection agency or engage a lawyer if the amount is worthwhile.

sgcynic said...

Raise the matter through the school and MOE. If what the insurance company says is true, then the school (teacher) is in potential dispute for leading the students overseas without the necessary insurance coverage for the expedition.

Yes, another round of finger-pointing. Caveat emptor. Lemon law does not apply

yujuan said...

Guess we have reached a stage where even a travel insurance document needs a fine comb to go through by a lawyer.
What a stressful, pitiful and tragic state Singapore has befallen.
Then, what use is the lemon law, just for show?

Unknown said...

If travel insurance do not cover travel related accidents then why travel insurance? I can understand if competitive sports is excluded but if this is just a normal school outing, it should be covered.

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