Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Sale of Town Council software

I continue to be amazed with the happenings in our town councils. It seemed to have grown in to a monstrosity, with so many issues. It would have been better that the town councils were run independently of the elected lawmakers in the first place. We now have to face a complicated and convoluted arrangement arrangement, which makes life very complicated for every body.


Lye Khuen Way said...

Not only Lucky Tan is wondering out loud, even Mr SH Leong has many questions!

I dare say, I have never seem a piece by Mr Leong asking as many such hard hitting questions!

Do expect someone with authority to probe and investigate, No "coverment", please,

yujuan said...

Govt selling software for a song.
Croynism at its highest level.

yujuan said...

This time, the Town Councils' Assessment Unit got itself boomeranged for trying to be too smart in putting down the Opposition TC of Aljunied GRC.
WP is really a wily fox, now learns how to borrow other peoples' knife to do the killing.
PAP now caught redhanded and is now red faced. A blatant case of .....?
Still a whiter than white Political Party?
How many more skeletons in the cupboard to be unmasked?
How to call for BE in the vacant Punggol ward?

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