Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Banners for Hong Lim Event on 16 Feb 2013

Here are banners that you can use at the Hong Lim event on 16 February. You can open it with the File app in your iPad and select any banner to be displayed. There are several banners.
Bring your iPad and hold it up to show the banner.

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yujuan said...

Note what PM Lee and his own cabinet colleagues have been saying about the White Paper.
"There is no other way." They are absolutely right. The present PAP Govt has run out of ideas, and it's an admission of failure and desperation. Without adding more immigrants, they just dun know how to address the economic and social problems our Nation is facing in the future, w.e.f. now. So anyone from abroad is good enough, even half baked FTs would do, as long as they come, and in the process demoting Singapore into a third world country.
A leader dun have to be very competent, but he has to be charismatic and inspiring, able to unite his people to work towards a common goal to success, no matter how taunting the situation. As long as he is able to inspire hope into the people's heart, misfortune would turn into success.
Watching Obama's speech on TV yesterday, note how this US President countered Republicans' criticisms that he only knows how to talk, by saying there must be hope to begin with to inspire Americans to work for a better future.
This is one of the most charismatic and inspiring President US has ever had. It's exciting to watch him talk, he has that ability to infect us with his enthusiasum. How he is able to fund his infrastructural grand schemes is pushed aside, as he engaged his audience in and out of America, holding us with rapt attention. It's like watching the charismatic Steve Jobs of Apple talk again on TV. Someone called it the ability to seduce the audience.
Lamentably, Singapore dun have such a charismatic and inspiring leader, we have only the blind leading the blind. Perhaps we have such a leader quietly waiting in the wings, maybe only revealing himself when the octogenarian passes on, for Singapore's future, citizens could only hope he could reveal himself sooner than we think. Look around, within and outside the PAP, can't find anyone yet to fit the bill.
Meantime, Singapore is lucky that Hongkong is not a democratic country, else all the best talents would congregate into this SAR, and then Singapore would be finished, only able to attract the ikan bilis or half baked talents.
With such mediocre and uninspiring leaders that we often switch channels when they talk on TV, we are losing hope by the day. No hope, no dreams of success.

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